Providing dreams and hopes with sports and education
We can think about what we can do for the future and to expand our dreams and hopes around the world. We will contribute to make a bright society where people gather.
Support people who can work internationally
Our goal is to be a company which can support people who work internationally with sports and education. There will be needs for international human ressources beyond their cultures, economics, and politics. 
Always think about what to do if you were a CEO
Make intra-office innovations by supporting each others
Expand business all over the world and dreams and hopes follow them
Customer First
Provide cutomers the best service and lead thier bright future
Be Professional
Act as professional and be passionate
Code of Conduct
· We support the dreams of people
· We will act globally so that dreams and hopes will spread all over the world
· Contribute to make a bright society that provides value ahead of the times and gathers people
Company Name
Tokyo Head Office
14-7-5F Kodenmacho, Nihonbashi
Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0001
Tokyo Office
7-38-34-2F Ojima
Koto-ku, Tokyo 136-0072
Osaka Office
1904-5 Nagasone-Cho, Kita-ku,
Sakai-shi, Osaka 591-8025
Gwiin Osaka 2F
Established Date
August 9, 2007
Number of Employees
30 people
Travel Agency Registration
Tokyo Governor Registration Travel Business No.2-6125
Partner Companies



Employees' Introduction

Director and General Manager of Rugby Department

Tsuyoshi Yasuda
Gifu Tech HS → Daito Bunka University

Started playing rugby from high school(Gifu Tech HS)When I was junior, participated as a member of Gifu Prefecture for National Preliminary Tournament. After graduaitng high school, went to Daito Bunka University. Positions at high school and university were CTB and WTB. 

Director and General Manager of Overseas Operations

Yutaka Hirabayashi
Yokohama Shogyo HS → South Mississippi State University(USA)

While attending college, was assigned as an exclusive trainer of the baseball team at South Mississipi State University and acquired NATA(National Athletic Training Association)certified athletic trainer. was an exclusive interpreter and trainer for Japanese athletes with MLB Kansas City Royals in 2009.

[Tokyo Head Office] Overseas Operations

Jumpei Ishii
Johtoh HS(Tokyo)→ Robert Morris University(USA)

I studied abroad and played baseball in the US through our study abroad program. In the baseball team at Robert Morris University, I got a scholarship also served as a captain. Major in business studies while studying abroad, received the "Sigma Beta Delta Award" which is for students for excellent grades, acquired business & management degree.